Child Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle.

Child Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle

The 50-page paper is divided into four parts and so far i only need part I to be done. So it is a 10-12 page paper (double space).

And my topic is: Child Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle.

The sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes need to be identified and documented.


  1. In a 50-page capstone paper project, demonstrate knowledge of how policy is made and the process and institutions that make it. Trace a policy through the process, applying political science concepts. Using the appropriate information sources, organize and conduct a policy analysis, gaining complete understanding of one major health policy problem and its solution potential.
  2. In the final stage of the capstone paper, use policy analysis methods to compare health policy proposals by specific criteria including political feasibility.

Employ a wide variety of resources and techniques to gather information. Critically evaluate what you uncover. Think creatively about how to find information. Demonstrate ability to organize and synthesize a substantial amount of information on a single topic.textbook required: Required of everyone: William G. Weissert and Carol S. Weissert,Governing Health: The Politics of Health Policy, 4th Edition, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4214-0620-6 Paper

I have uploaded three files. Two of them shows an excellent example. And one is the list of questions that you have to answer. and the paper is about 8 pages for questions and about 4 pages for matrix.

really need a good-quality master level paper since i am really not good at exams and this is a capstone class which is really important for graduation. 

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Child obesity is a condition that normally affects adolescents and the children and their weight exceeds  the normal weight they should be at their age and height. Child obesity has been known to be the cause of some disease that was initially thought to only affect the older generation, for…………………………….
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