The McKinsey’s 7S Framework

The McKinsey’s 7S Framework

The McKinsey’s 7S Framework

Diagnostic models are used by managers and leaders to understand the magnitude of change and the processes and systems that may be impacted by change. By diagnosing an organization, strategies specific to the diagnosis may be selected. Managers may use a diagnostic model to determine the “battery of tests,” make a diagnosis, and decide on which strategies are relevant to the organization.

3-4 page essay that identifies the McKinsey’s 7S framework which describes the components of the model and their relationship to each other. Assess whether the McKinsey’s 7S framework is appropriate for all or any types of changes (first-order, second-order, transformational, downsizing, technological, merger and acquisitions).

  • Review the attached grading rubric.
  • Review proper essay form: Include an introduction, the body of text, and a conclusion.
  • Develop a 3-4 page essay (title and reference pages do not count in the 3-4 page requirement).
  • Support major points with citations from a minimum of three scholarly references.
  • Follow APA formatting.
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McKinsey’s 7S framework was created in the 1980s by McKinsey and Company consulting firm and since it was created, the model has been widely used in analyzing all types of organizations. The 7s framework includes structure, system, strategy, staff, style, skills, and shared values………………………………
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