Quantitative and Qualitative Managerial decisions

Quantitative and Qualitative Managerial decisions

For this discussion, visit the websites of three publicly traded companies of your choice (via web search or www.sec.gov). Then, address the following:

  • Identify and provide a high-level summary of three quantitative and three qualitative managerial decisions that each company’s senior executive made to provide cutting-edge or innovative solutions to business problems within his or her respective companies.
  • Discuss evidence from your research to support the existence of the problems as well as the cutting-edge solutions.

Be sure to support your statement or analyses with logic and data, using a minimum of four peer-reviewed articles (appropriately cited) and the company websites. Follow APA format.I need it by Thursday morning but i want to make sure theres no duplicate of company with my classmates. Please do not do Disney, Boeing and FitBit. I hope that helps. Thank you.


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