Case Study #3: Intellectual Property Theft Analysis

Case Study #3: Intellectual Property Theft Analysis

Case Study #3: Intellectual Property Theft Analysis

The rubric provides additional information and requirements for the assignment. Please make sure that you use both the assignment description file AND the rubric when completing your work.

Write a 2 page briefing paper in which you present a summary of the issues (including a description of the types of intellectual property which may have been stolen). You should then summarize your research into insider theft of intellectual property and your recommendations as to how the company should respond to the incident (including response to the current incident and detection and prevention strategies for the future). Be choosy about what you include – a busy executive or manager does not want to read lengthy, rambling reports. Don’t be too choosy however. Your recommended content should be comprehensive and fully address the security and privacy issues related to theft of intellectual property by insiders.

Please read the corporate profile first, then the instructions, followed by the rubric.

Here are some additional links (these are the resources from case study #2 as referenced in the instructions) in case you need them…………

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