Cold war as a security dilemma

Cold war as a security dilemma

Write a 6 pages essay. Choose one only:

1. Use the ww1 case to illustrate a general theory of war. [sources: lectures, Fromkin]

2. Use the Cold War to illustrate the security dilemma. [sources: lectures, Doyle]

3. Use the bargains hypothesis to explain the variability of domestic commitment. [sources: lectures, Kindvatter]

4. Use the bargains hypothesis to explain the reinvention of the citizen soldier. [sources: lectures, Kindvatter]

5. Explain the long term military divergence between East Asia and Europe be sure to use the concept of hegemony. Lectures Andrade 6Use the combat contract hypothesis to explain compliance behavior in ww2 Korea or Vietnam [sources: lectures, Kindvatter]

7. Explain the strengths and limitations of coercion in understanding the variability of domestic commitment and combat compliance. [sources: lectures, Kindvatter]

8. Explain NorthKoreas determination to develop nuclear weapons lectures;Doyle 9How does the balance of power explain inter state behavior in the contemporary Mid East. [sources: lectures, Doyle]

*You MUST use the sources in parentheses. You can also use other sources if they are relevant. Please include in-text citations and work cited page at the end of the paper (which will not count toward your page total)

*Do not copy, imitate, or paraphrase others work

*On time

If you answer the Middle East question, one way to proceed is to explain the likely behavior of the regional powers and the US to a situation involving the rise of Iran to potential hegemony.
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The security dilemma can be said to refer to the difficulty that may be imposed by trying to increase one country‚Äôs security while on the other hand inadvertently trying to decrease the security system of the other countries. The cold war existed among many countries basing it on………………………..
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