With the implementation of cognitive behaviorism I believe that neo-behaviorism was an awesome response to the issue of classical S-R behavorism. The work of Hull and Tolman gave provided better insight into behavior in terms of its causes or rationale. Reactions or responses simply being the product of stimuli was a basic concept. Tolman questioned psychology early own with his wondering how introspection was a form of psychology when it was not used that often. Hotherall (2004) pointed out that the Tolman agreed that psychology did not need introspection to be considered a science when it came to defining what psychology actually was. When speaking about the consciousness of colors Tolman (1922) stated “All you can ever really learn from such introspection is whether or not I shall behave towards those colors in the same ways that you do” (p 48). Tolman’s many experiments led to the discovery of various types of learning. Hull also worked with rats similar to how Tolman did but he made his mark with work on hypnosis, specifically one of his findings was that women were only slightly more susceptible. I agree with his thoughts about there not being a need for introspection, the concept of introspection does not seem valuable or credible to me. The work he did with rats was significant for displaying cognition and motivation, two concepts that were not researched heavily prior to his work due to focus on the states of consciousness.

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Neo-behaviorism served as a good response to the whole issue of classical S-R behaviorism. The theories developed by Hull and Tolman served to give more insight into behaviorism based on their rationale and the resulting factors of human behavio…………………