Short Analysis Papers: You will have two analysis papers (each 600-650 words). Each paper willbe worth 150 points (15% of your final grade).

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Short Analysis Papers: You will have two analysis papers (each 600-650 words). Each paper will
be worth 150 points (15% of your final grade).

Short Analysis Papers: You will have two analysis papers (each 600-650 words). Each paper will
be worth 150 points (15% of your final grade). These papers will be on a particular theme or
themes of the readings, covered in the period prior to the due date. You will choose your topic of
interest, as long as it related to religion and popular culture. You will find example or examples
related to the topic you have chosen from various media outlet, such as television, movies, sport,
magazines, newspapers, social media sources. For these short analysis papers, you must draw on
at least four of the reading materials of the period—please note these four readings must be
from different sources. You will connect your example to the readings you are drawing on, in a
way that help your analysis and argument. Your chosen examples may be the manifestations of
the connection(s) between popular culture and religion in any area. You may choose any aspects
of religion or popular culture from variety of materials, for examples cartoons; comic books;
newspapers; advertisement; consumer culture; celebrity; standup comedy; movies; music; reality
TV; sport; human rights, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, political, and social issues, science, so on
and so forth. Your paper should show that you have read, understood, and are able to critically
engage with the readings. In your paper, you introduce the topic about which you are writing,
provide a brief background and an explanation of its significance; please include your example (s)
in your paper, either by inserting or attaching them; explain how and to which aspect or aspects of
the readings it/they relate; show how they reveal the connection between religion and popular
culture, nationalism, consumer culture,…depending on the topic you have chosen to write on; and
provide your own analysis; your paper should end with a good and coherent conclusion. You will
submit your papers through the provided link on CANVAS. Unless otherwise announced, they
will be due on the specified Fridays by 11.59 PM. Please submit them on the due date to avoid
losing points for late submission (Total Points 300, 30% of your final grade).
Your analysis papers will be graded based on the following criteria:
–A good title (5 Points)
–A Good introduction that introduces the topic you have chosen and why it is significant (15);
–Explaining where you have taken the example, and how/ why the example is relevant to your
topic and the theme or themes of the course or/and the period (10 points);
–Illustrating the connection between your example with your topic and the readings you cite (15
–Providing your own analysis of the topic drawing on your example and the readings (30 points);
–The quality of your engagement with the materials, your example and course readings (30);
–The quality and coherence of your writing (20 points);
–A good conclusion (15)
–Proper format (12-inches, double space, once inch margins), proper citation and bibliography
(10 Points).
Please Note: your paper must show you have done the readings and thought about them carefully
and critically. Please also make sure to articulate your informed analysis and avoid such statements
as: “I liked it,” or this is good or bad or right or wrong. The papers are not about judgments. They
should instead indicate your knowledge of the topic and your critical thinking ability and your ability to articulate your views. You will lose points for late submission. Your paper may not be
accepted if more than two weeks late unless you provide convincing and legitimate reason(s).

Use this sources and the sources attached:

  • Look Up in the Sky! | The Amazing Story of Superman

“Lady Gaga answers religious blogger over claims about Catholic celebrities”, Independent. May 11, 2016…to an external site.