Read the “HIPAA Administrative Simplification Statute and Rules”

Read the “HIPAA Administrative Simplification Statute and Rules” at

Review the links to each rule.

  1. Read the “HIPAA Administrative Simplification Statute and Rules” at

    1. Review the links to each rule.
    2. Select one of the eight major components on page 58 of your textbook, Information Systems for Healthcare Management.
    3. Choose a rule from the Simplification Statute.
    4. Discuss the features of a health information system related to this rule, or give an example of a health information transaction that would be applicable to your chosen area.
  2. Read the “Summary of the HIPAA Security Rule” at
    1. Conduct further research on one of the safeguards.
    2. Explain why it would be important for a health information professional to be familiar with your chosen safeguard.
  3. Find the “Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule” at
    1. Read the following sections:
      1. Introduction
      2. Who Is Covered by the Privacy Rule
      3. What Information Is Protected
      4. General Principle for Uses and Disclosures
      5. Enforcement and Penalties for Noncompliance
    2. Briefly explain the basic principle behind the Privacy Rule.
  4. Write one research paper addressing each point above (1–3). Format your paper according to APA style (6th edition).
    1. A reference list is required, but a cover page is not.
    2. The content of the paper should be two to four pages in length.
    3. Provide at least one resource from a peer-reviewed journal.
    4. You can use the resources provided and/or the OCLS Library (
    5. Be sure to title the document, “Workshop Two HIPAA Statutes and Rules Research Paper.”
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