Who are the individuals that are at the heart of that Theatre

Who are the individuals that are at the heart of that Theatre

Theater research

The Dictionary defines Urban as:


[ur-buhn] adjective

1. of, pertaining to, or designating a city or town.

2. living in a city.

3. characteristic of or accustomed to cities; citified: an urban type.

This definition is a good starting place to understand the background for where these kinds of stories, characters and issues that Urban Drama comes from and adresess but, we must look a little deeper and wrestle with the issues and themes of these characters as well, not just location. The location(s), in an abstract sense, is a through line for much of this genre and where these characters reside and live but it is the circumstances, relationships and conflicts that arise out of living in highly populated, lower scale communities suffering from crime, gangs, drugs, blight, and poverty that drive the force of the drama in these stories. The drama and conflict can be quite intense within the scope of this Genre. We also see that Urban Dramadoes not lay claim to any one specific ethnic background. So much of Urban Drama looks at communities of all races who share in similar circumstances be it Latino communities, Black communities, various Asian neighborhoods, White communities, or a sub community within the larger groups mentioned. Urban Drama discusses issues of race, poverty, crime, drugs, upward social mobility, institutional racism, sexual abuse, misogyny, religion, class etc.

This week you will get to choose between doing ONE of two assignments.

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Below is a list of four working Theatres that focus their energy and skill in the producing of Theatre that is in some way with an Urban Theatre priority for storytelling.



Los Angeles


New York


New York


Your assignment is to research the Theatres from this list

Please research:

The Theatre(s) overall Mission Statement

The Theatre(s) history

Has it been a successful company?

What kind of plays do these Theatres do or style of Theatre?

The Theatre(s) subscription base and its specific demographic

The Theatre impact on its community

Who are the individuals that are at the heart of that Theatre?

Are there playwrights that work exclusively out of that Theatre?

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Theater’s Overall Mission

The Urban Theater Chicago Company is situated in Chicago, Illinois and its mission is;

UTC is committed to the creation and exploration of urban-inspires works that convey, illuminate and empathize with the human experience ………………….

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