Which of these four candidates would you hire for this position and why

Which of these four candidates would you hire for this position and why

Which of these four candidates would you hire for this position and why

  • Which of these four candidates would you hire for this position and why?
  • Your job is to hire a medical consultant to assist with sales of your latest HCIT solutions to a global marketplace. This job requires that the consultant be articulate, sophisticated, and knowledgeable about medical terminology and technology. The job requires frequent travel Monday through Friday in order for the consultant to work with those in the prospective company.

Your Assignment

Required: Read the case summary and accompanying character descriptions, then answer the following question:

Which of these four candidates would you hire for this position and why?

Please state and explain your decision in a one-page summary. Make sure to include a title page. In your summary, be sure to reference course material (readings, lectures, or concepts from the flash cards).

Job Candidates

Ren Sanspit,  Changing Careers

As my resume states, I was a dentist before arthritis made that career too painful. My physician says that my condition would not interfere with this position.  I think working with people in sales would be more interesting than taking bite-wings and placing rubber dams. I am an empty nester and want to devote time to my new career in order to be successful.


Angie Gram, Medical Technologist


As my resume states, I was an engineering major and I designed medical devices. I am very good with people and I am working on improving my English-speaking skills. I graduated first in my class and I wrote a paper on the use of qr codes to monitor patient medication that was recently published in a peer-reviewed journal. I am a leading expert in the medical technology field.


Medica Seles, Informatics Consultant


As my resume states, I have been a medical sales consultant for five years. I have been awarded the Sales Consultant of the Year at my last company. Currently I am relocating to Kansas City because I will be getting married next month. My credentials are stellar and I graduated at the top of my class in Healthcare Informatics.


Karen Comfort, BSN


As my resume states, I have a BSN and have been employed in  various positions in a variety of medical specialty practices.  I have worked for M.D.s, D.O.s and hospital administrators.  Having worked in so many different specialty practices I am extremely well versed in medical terminology.  I am single, therefore I am available to travel and work long hours.


Additional Information


Category              Points   %            Description

Understanding 15          33.3       Demonstrate a strong grasp of the competing interests involved in choosing a candidate. Demonstrate understanding of how the course concepts apply to the process.

Analysis               15          33.3       Carefully weigh the pros and cons of the available candidates and choose one applying concepts from the course material to justify the selection.

Execution           15          33.3       Clear and succinct answer using strong organization and proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. In-text citations and reference page are in APA format.

Total      45          100        A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.


(See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due dates.)

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