What is Kansei Engineering, Effective computing

What is Kansei Engineering,Effective computing

Chat programs are increasingly being used on the web. Discuss why/ how they can be helpful? What are the limitation / problems? Use at least one example and / or commercially available product.

2.  What is Kansei Engineering / Affective computing? What are some of the main goals of this research domain? Give example of related technology.

3.  Describe the limitations or problems of Kansei Engineering/ Affective Computing? Do you believe that the limitation can be overcome? (support your answer)

4.  What are methods that can be used to capture Affective data?

5.  Think about your own project for the class which is () how did it related to Emerging Technologies? How do you see the technology in future?

6.  One of the main aims the course was to discuss many new / different developing technologies. Which emerging technology do you see having the biggest impact? (support your answer) 

7.  What are some of the main differences between the Google map API version 2 and Version 3?

8.  Which emerging educational technology do you feel will have the biggest impact in the years to come? Why? ( support your answer)

9.   What are some challenges faced by businesses when trying to see a 3D virtual environment? What are some of the benefits?

10.  What are some benefits of marketing in a #d virtual world compared to the web? How marketing different?

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