What cognitive factors could possibly affect the findings

What cognitive factors could possibly affect the findings

To obtain the points, you must watch the brief (>5 min) video below and write a one page discussion of the results from the study.  Your discussion must be written in proper academic format, use appropriate language, and have proper sentence mechanics.

Please know that this is a graded assignment, so the quality of work counts.  As always academic writing standards and basic paragraph essay format must be followed.

Your discussion should include the following:

A synopsis of the results of the study that demonstrates your understanding of the research.

Do the findings have any implications for the way teach young children in the future?

What cognitive factors could possibly affect the findings?

Would you have expected these results?

Were you aware of the concept of hidden bias previously?

If so, has this new information changed your opinion about hidden bias?

If not, what did you learn about the concept of hidden biases?

Do you believe the results?

What are some ideas you may have about how to use this technology for future generations?

You have until April 30th to submit the assignment via Canvas.

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A research conducted in 2015 found out that children as young as three years old possess huge levels of implied racial bias. Therefore, the University of Toronto researchers took it upon themselves to create an app that can assist in reduction of implicit racial discrimination among young kids…………………..


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