Evaluation of the Crito

Evaluation of the Crito

Key Points

Should Socrates escape?

Is the welfare of society more important than the rights of individuals?

Are we justified in harming those who harm or threaten to harm us?

Reading – Plato’s Crito: http://pitt.edu/~mthompso/readings/crito.pdf. This is a modern translation, so should be fairly easy to read.

Write 500 pages write up of your notes, questions, and comments on the assigned reading. These should include the following sections:

Sections one- summary: a summary of the key arguments in the reading. If there are multiple authors, each should be summarized.

Sections two- Evaluations: evaluative comments on each of the key arguments (points in favour, counterpoints, and counterargument).

Sections three- Questions: Questions concerning the key arguments.

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Evaluation of the Crito


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