What is the role of water on Israeli/Palestinian conflict

What is the role of water on Israeli/Palestinian conflict

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Question: Water scarcity is considered one of the biggest problems of the Middle East. Elaborate on the importance of this problem and its connections with current regional conflicts. What is the role of water on Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Give specific examples.

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Jordan Valley Blues:
Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley are among the most oppressed and thirsty communities living in the West Bank – despite the abundance of fresh water resources. Illegal Israeli colonizers are dominating the landscape and its inhabitants with large agricultural settlements, which export 99% of the dates, grapes, bananas and flowers they produce to Europe.

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The primary source of the water that is available in the area that is shared by the Palestinians as well as the Israelites is the Jordan River. The water resource covers a stretch of 200 kilometers. In addition, three river basins that are underground known as aquifers are essential in ensuring that water is available for the local populace………………………….


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