Provide the warehouse manager a summative report

Provide the warehouse manager a summative report

Please provide the warehouse manager a summative report of the main points of focus you wish to communicate regarding the module experiences you just encountered. What realizations did you come to and when? Please respond with 200–300 words to the following questions:

When scheduling production of your products, what were the key factors considered?

Why is the reputation of an organization so important?

How do your customers differ from one another?

What are holding costs and why is it important to manage them?

Based on your overall performance, what are your thoughts on your overall experience of the simulation program? Did application of the skills you have learned help you to maximize your ability to meet your customer needs?


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One of the crucial things to consider when planning production is to ensure that production strategies are aligned to the overall corporate strategy. This is because outputs affect other areas of the business like marketing, logistics and sales. Scheduling is important because it allows timely completion of production cycles……………..


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