How does the artist state his or her content visually

How does the artist state his or her content visually…

here is the link to all the instructions, there is a selection of topics to choose from and they are all listed on that link

These are the instructions my professor gave me after you pick a topic

After choosing your topic, do some research to inform your essay, and address the three discussion questions below in the order presented for the sake of clarity.

1. Did this artwork make a difference to you, or to your way of thinking? Why or why not?

2. How does the artist state his or her content visually? You might consider composition, color and / or contrast, and style.

3. Can visual art ever really make a difference, that is be more than amusement or decoration?


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Yoshitoshi – 100 aspects of the moon, 1888-91 is the focus of this paper. This artwork does indeed make a difference to the researcher’s way of thinking. It gives the researcher an idea of the history of the Chinese as well as hint into the history of the Japanese. The art work in this case, first, exposes the audience to the Chinese leader’s life………………………


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