Self-service process

Self-service process


Self-service became very common nowadays. Customers perform many functions while they in shopping process. Many supermarkets, gas stations, or airlines have self-service lanes and terminals. For example, the Redbox for video retailer has thousands of kiosks throughout the United States and operates without a single clerk. The survey showed that self-service process reduces the wait time for the purchasers. Another example is self-service of car wash, which is cheap, offers free vacuum for cleaning and vending machines for the car cleaning needs. We have also self-services dog wash which have everything you need to wash your dog like warm water, stainless steel tub with collar and ramp, conditioner and vet grade tearless shampoo, blow dryer, open 24/7, accept credit card payments.

#8 Protectionism (Student)

This chapter was especially relevant given the current state of US. trade relations.  Protectionism is when a country protects the interests of domestic businesses by enforcing tariffs and quotas on goods.  There has been a lot of information recently regarding tariffs, especially those placed on steel and aluminum.  News outlets keep reporting on a supposed trade war between us and China which was initiated by these tariff installments.  It is easy to see why there is such a divide regarding the benefits or pitfalls of this type of trade policy.  On one hand, the United States currently has a trade deficit and has for many years since we import more than we export.  So it is possible that an increased number of tariffs and quotas may in fact decrease the number of goods imported and increase those being exported.  It also may lead to more jobs being created here as it becomes less cost effective for U.S. companies to outsource.  However, tariffs also lead to higher prices for consumers.  What do some of you think about policies that support protectionism?


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Self-service  process


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