Explain which plan each theorist would ultimately support

Explain which plan each theorist would ultimately support

Each of the urban theorist you have read (Wirth, Jacobs, Burgees, Dear, Molotch, and Mandanipour) has been asked for a public statement on the competing plans for Flushing Meadows Corona Park by the local media. Your paper should present a statement for each theorists and support the statement with evidence from their writings. You should also discuss which redevelopment plan each theorists would support and why, using evidence from their text .

Your paper must do TWO THINGS for EACH THEORIST:

1) Construct a concise statement that you think each theorist would say based on what you have learned about their perspective(s). Each statement should reflect the theorist general ideas about the nature of and problems associated with urban life. Explain why you think each theorist would make the statement you’ve made up for them by using specific evidence from the texts.

2) Explain which plan each theorist would ultimately support, or if you think they would not support either, which elements of each plan they would support. Why would they NOT support the other plan or certain elements of other plans? Provide specific evidence from their writing to explain your decision.








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Urbanization is the migration of people from rural areas top to urban areas. Urban theories are prepositions of scholars and different schools of thoughts explaining circumstances and specific phenomenon within cities. Some of the issues these theorists attempt to address the social relations………………….


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