The trial process

The trial process

Write a 350-700 word essay describing the trial process. Include the following in your essay:

A description of the trial process

Examples of the opening and closing statements

The types of questions asked on direct examination

Highlight important points for cross-examination

Articles to use are:

Watch the video of a MOCK TRIAL FLOW to understand how a mock trial is conducted and follow the criteria in creating the the trial for the assignment.

Reference Texas Y&G Training Videos(Producer)(2014, October 9). Example mock trial flow.

Review the details of B.I.G Case.

Compile the facts and witness information for this case.

Decide which witnesses could support the prosecution’s case and which witnesses would support the defense’s case.

How does search and seizure relate to the B.I.G. case?.

Review the following resources: Sullivan, R.(2005). The unsolved mystery of the notorious B.I.G. Rolling Stone 989, 124.

Duke, A.(2011, April). FBI reveals documents in Biggie Smalls death probe.

Christopher(Biggie Smalls Wallace part 1 of 3: FBI Records: The Vault

Christopher(Biggie Smalls Wallace) part 2 of 3: FBI Records: The Vault

Christopher(Biggie Smalls) Wallace part 3 of 3: FBI Records: The Vault.

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The Trial Process


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