Thomas Aquinas VS Saint Augustine

Thomas Aquinas VS Saint Augustine

Thomas Aquinas VS Saint Augustine

Annotated Bibliography

The paper is going to be on the relationship of the state and church views from St.Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. Introduction is attached paper.

Write and submit your Outline and Bibliography. The Outline should contain your thesis statement and the remainder should be a full sentence outline where you specifically show how your paper will flow.

The Annotated Bibliography should include no fewer than 5 sources (but not your text). You should find a minimum 3 sources. Remember that this is different from a traditional bibliography. First list the reference in APA format just as you would on a reference page. However, directly below the reference, provide an annotation in three parts: (1) a 2-3 sentence summary of the reference; (2) a brief assessment or evaluation of the source (why it’s reliable, how it compares with others, and so on); (3) a 1-2 sentence reflection on the source (how it will help your project).


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This article compares the work and views of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine in various perspectives. The article explains Saint Augustine‚Äôs political thought of politics as the City of God and the Augustine theology of men being equal but created as subjects by God…………………………………


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