The Femur Bone

The Femur Bone

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For your discussion topic this week I will ask you to choose a bone and note at least 3 important landmarks or features about it. There are 206 bones in the body, please find one that another classmate hasn’t used in their discussion topic.

I ask for one bone, not a group; as an example, the vertebrae are individual bones, the spinal column is a group of bones as is the pelvis. Keep this in mind when choosing a bone to discuss.

You will have until Thursday to post the bone (think of this as your original question) and your response to a classmate’s “bone” will be due Sunday at midnight. Review the discussion board guidelines: including

a minimum of 200 words,

put things into your own words,

Two resources beyond the text are required. You may use professional experience as one resource; Use discretion when choosing internet resources, be certain they are reliable and not selling a product.

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The Femur Bone


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