Explain ideologies and motivations of terrorist organizations

Explain ideologies and motivations of terrorist organizations

In this assignment, you are required to select 3 articles that describe, examine, or explain ideologies and motivations of terrorist organizations. You may select any article from a scholarly source, or you may select any of the articles provided in your Web resources for Phase 2.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in a total of 500–750 words:

In 100–150 words each, describe what each of the 3 articles is about. Then, summarize their findings.

In what ways (be specific) is the content from the 3 articles relevant to the following factors: (100–150 words)

Comprehension of the event

Potential for manageability

Level of internal meaningfulness

Sense of coherence

Explain which of the readings would be of the most use to you as a homeland security officer intervening in and monitoring a terrorist attack? Be specific and substantive in your thoughts, ideas, and conclusions. (100–150 words)

All sources must be referenced using APA style.


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Terrorism refers to acts of violence whose intentions are to further political goals at the expense of peace and lives of innocent people. It can either be a single happening at a specific time in history or be described by continuous events lasting for years or generations.   The motivations and ideologies of terrorist organizations…………………..


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