what ways does rhetoric help to inform writing in the workplace?

what ways does rhetoric help to inform writing in the workplace?

This response is in conjunction with the Writing Process Image assignment. Before you participate in the discussion, please read Chapter 1 in Technical Communication Today.

Use this discussion to start reflecting on your personal writing process. Some people prefer to write straight through–from the introduction to the conclusion. Others prefer to write in chunks and piece those chunks together toward the end, writing the intro and conclusion once the ideas of the document are fortified.

Discuss what works well for you? In what ways do you think this process will transfer to the workplace? What might you be able to start now to help with that transition?

What tips, hints, or sage advice might you offer others who have a similar writing process?

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Then, please read Chapter 2 “Communication in a Reader-Focused Way” from Technical Communication Today, browse the Scholarly Definitions of Rhetoric, and listen to Mere Rhetoric: “What is Rhetoric” podcast (the latter two are posted as links in Module 2).

When writing your reading response, address the following questions: (1) What are your five biggest overall takeaways from these pieces? Explain. (2) Why do you think there are so many (different) definitions of rhetoric? (3) Which definition(s) of rhetoric resonate with you the most? Explain. (4) There are five guidelines, which begin on page 19, that help to develop a reader profile. In what ways do these guidelines help you think about audience (reader-users) differently? (5) Lastly, in what ways does rhetoric help to inform writing in the workplace?



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This writing process is fit to use at my work place since it addresses all the requirements to achieving efficiency in technical communication. Proper communication is a very key aspect and requirement in every profession. Therefore, this type of writing process is essential for proper communication of ideas in handling various……………………


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