Human services

Transitional housing program

Transitional housing program You are a new Human Services Professional working for a Transitional Housing Program for Homeless Families. The director of the program asked …

Human Services

Human Services M4 ENV written HOUSING AND THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY You are a Human Services Professional who is working when George, a transgender male, comes …

Cultural group

Cultural group Option #2:┬áResearch Project Topic For your final research project Option #2, you will select a cultural group of which you are not part …

Psychosocial assessment

Psychosocial assessment Strengths, Needs, and Cultural Assessment and Treatment Plan Often in Human Services, it is helpful to obtain background information on your clients. This …

School in the community

School in the community Tameka is a 45-year-old divorced mother whose two children are now older, married, and living in another state. Tameka has worked …

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