Tacit knowledge and Explicit knowledge

Tacit knowledge and Explicit knowledge

Tacit knowledge and Explicit knowledge

Provide an example of tacit knowledge and an example of explicit knowledge.


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Types of Knowledge

Tacit knowledge is the knowledge that is embedded in a person and it is a kind of wits that is acquired through experience in something like a job. It is the aftermath deposition upon performing a particular task. After working for a certain period of time in a particular company, the experience that one gains pertaining the field he/she had specialized in is tacit knowledge. This kind of knowledge is easy to write or to verbally express it, but is difficult to accurately copy it. For instance, it is possible for one to explain the process of making a certain kind of a meal through explaining verbally or writing; because it is simple (Alexander, 2015). It explains tacit knowledge as it can be grabbed but eradicating it from one’s mind is impossible. It is what is ingrained in the mind, such that, for instance, one may not tell you the particular time taken for a certain food to be ready, but by mere observation. People acquire tacit knowledge on daily basis through what they do and this can only be transferred through sharing with other people and giving opinions. People can just learn from each other and share tacit knowledge at different angles as it is difficult to fully transfer it.

On the other hand, explicit knowledge is the know-what. It is the kind of knowledge which can be expressed in documentations like journals, books, and they can only benefit one after reading the contents of the particular document (Alexander, 2015). This is made possible as explicit knowledge is easily articulated through reading and sharing by giving the interested party a copy. Thus, explicit knowledge is easily transferred from one person to another.


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January 9, 2019, from Bloomfire: https://bloomfire.com/blog/implicit-tacit-explicit-knowledge/


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Tacit knowledge and Explicit knowledge


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