Student Support Programs

Student Support Programs

Assignment: Annotated Bibliography on Student Support Programs

Over the first three weeks of the course, you will construct an annotated bibliography on the major categories of student learning and support programs that you will examine in this course: transition programs (e.g. new student orientation); developmental education; learning communities; and other high-impact practices such as service learning and study abroad. Upon completion of this assignment, you will have a useful resource you can refer to as you complete your assignments and take with you into the future.

Your bibliography should consist of an analysis of 8-10 journal articles, books, monographs, reports, or other peer-reviewed resources. For each resource in your bibliography, prepare a 1- to 2-paragraph description that addresses the following points:

Key ideas or concepts

Particular strengths of the resource (e.g. written by a leader in the field; published by an authoritative source in the field of higher education; reports on the results of systematic research or program evaluation)

How the resource would be useful to higher education leaders in implementing effective programs or services

Be sure to include at least two resources on transition programs, two on developmental education, two on learning communities, and two resources on some other area of student learning or support.

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Student Support Programs


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