Describe operational design and control decisions

Describe operational design and control decisions

Supply Chain Management (SCM)


Supply chain management has the following influence in strategy:

Creates a network design

Offers chance for service performance

Reduction of cost

Potential re-engineering efforts for Nicole

Determination of alternative logistical solutions

Using technology in offering service such as Google maps in locating destinations

Operational design and conditional decisions

Operational design is the manner activities, processes,and operations are designed to be conducted within an organization or business. Control decisions are ways of determining the future of operations. Some of the conditional decisions are: to achieve set targets, more effort and dedication must be exercised and teamwork enhanced.

Briefly discuss SCM’s influence on each of the four areas of strategy to address mitigation strategies that Nicole could potentially implement.

Using a systems thinking and process management approach along with the associated elements, what suggestions would you offer Nicole to include potential reengineering efforts?

Briefly describe operational design and control decisions you would make relevant to helping Nicole to improve the supply chain management framework at Best Inc.?

For questions 4 and 5, use Case 4: Quality Upstream at HI-TECH Semiconductor on page 507.  Ty Rock is the Purchasing Director at HI-TECH and responsible for increasing the quality of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for customers, such as Intel, Motorola, and National Semiconductor.  Ty is however experiencing challenges with his Tier 2 supplier NPF to adopt the Small Business Operating System (SBOS) quality improvement initiative and with customers growing impatient to obtain quality improvements. How should Ty proceed?

Using the formalized risk management elements, describe the risks that HI-TECH faces using an “if A occurs and then B is the result” approach, categories associated, assess the potential outcomes, and what solutions are available for Ty to mitigate the quality issues?

Using the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis described in Chapter 6, identify (2) components of each SWOT analysis category?



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Describe operational design and control decisions


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