Strategic Planning Training in the Workplace

Strategic Planning Training in the Workplace

please follow all the instructions

It’s consist of 5 pages (cover page, 3 pages of the topic and the last page will be the references,at least 10 references)

1. A cover page (in accordance with the APA style manual)

2. A brief introduction of the issue/topic.

3. Summary of the literature review to include the purpose,key issues addressed,and primary findings;

4. Critique of how the literature review contributes to the field of HRD;and

5. Reason why you selected the topic, your thoughts on why the topics is relevant for HRD practitioners and/or how it can be explored further.

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Strategic planning is the creation of specific strategies that will enable an organization to make decisions that will achieve the set goals both long term and short term. It is intended to guide the organization in decision making and guide all the stakeholders so that the specific……………………


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