Monitoring and Updating the Strategic Plan 

Monitoring and Updating the Strategic Plan

Corporate Governance (Professor)

What has been enforced to prevent incidents like the Enron scandal from reoccurring?    How has going green help advanced corporate governance and why?

#4 Evaluating the Strategic Plan (Student)

An evaluation of the strategic plan should include an assessment on whether or not the plan connects to the organization’s mission and vision.  There also needs to be consideration on whether or not the plan is realistic, integrated, balanced, complete, and that the objectives are clear.  With that said the responsibility of evaluating the strategic plan may differ depending on the organization structure.  Within a functional structure, accountability for the overall performance of the organization rises directly to the top and it would make sense, to me, that top level leadership should evaluate the strategic plans.  An divisional structure allows for accountability within the divisions and it may be appropriate for the division leaders to evaluate the strategic plans.

#5 Monitoring and Updating the Strategic Plan (Professor)

While strategic plans are great, class what are some alternatives to strategic planning that are just as beneficial if not better for a business?

Hint:  check out the article in the link below:

In Part 1 of this two-article series, we discussed some of the ways in which strategic planning processes have served nonprofits poorly. One key reason is that strategic planning is the primary organizational change process that nonprofits know about, that boards are comfortable with, and that funders will fund.

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Monitoring and Updating the Strategic Plan 
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