Develop a 700-word statistical analysis

Develop a 700-word statistical analysis

Develop a 700-word statistical analysis.

Use descriptive statistics to compute a measure of performance John can use to analyze his delivery performance. Find the following for your measures:


Standard deviation

Sample size

Five-number summary on the total time

Conduct a formal hypothesis testing to help John decide whether to offer the delivery guarantee or not.

Estimate the probability of an order taking longer than 30 minutes.

Make a recommendation in a short narrative including the following:

Based on the sampled data, should John offer the guarantee?

What percent of the Saturday deliveries would result in a customer receiving a free order?

What recommendations might help John improve his Saturday delivery times?

Format your assignment consistent with APA format

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People often carry out quantitative research by gathering data and analyzing it before making critical decisions as in the case of John Tyler. The first step to analyzing any data is by conducting a descriptive statistics analysis. The exercise allows the researcher to determine how discrete each value present in the data is and also establish the extent of variation that exists around those values. In simple terms…………………


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