Define the importance of your research question in a broader social context

Define the importance of your research question in a broader social context

Sociology Research Topic- Easy

Essentially you need to come up with a very good research question which is not too broad. If you choose to do this assignment, I will have follow ups for this assignment in the future which will be answered to whatever research question you choose. So if you choose this, I would like to try and choose you in the future as well for assistance so that way you can pretty much be guaranteed more money.

You the tutor, are choosing the research question for me so imagine you are the student in the class and you are required to do the below. I will do my research project based off whatever you (the tutor) decides to do.

DRAFT ASSIGNMENT #1: Research Question and Rationale

Your first written assignment will achieve two goals:

Clearly state your current working research question.

Define the importance of your research question in a broader social context; why is it important to understand the answer to this question? What benefit will your research bring to the field of sociology? To humanity?

At first glance, stating a research question may seem like a simple task. However, you need to struggle with and think ahead about what type of project your research question will entail. Attempt to write a research question that is not so broad that a project designed to understand it would take more than a lifetime to complete. At the same time, you must guard against writing a research question that is so specific that finding information related to your project will be difficult. Writing a research question that falls between these two extremes is difficult and takes practice. This assignment is intended to help you practice this skill. The more thought you put into your question now, the easier your project will be down the road.

The second part of the assignment is to explain why finding an answer to your research question is important. While we often want to research a question for personal reasons, the broader public rarely cares about those types of reasons for doing research. Think about why or how people, in general, would benefit from knowing the answer to your research question (which may or may not be related to reasons for your own curiosity) and focus on those reasons in your explanation.

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