How does socioeconomic status impact HIV infection

How does socioeconomic status impact HIV infection

What my teacher said: Well, this is definitely important question – I want to tweak it a little bit to “How does socioeconomic status impact HIV infection?” socioeconomic status is a more robust way to measure social class and will probably be a helpful search term as you look for articles (socioeconomic status is also frequently abbreviated to SES, and typically includes income+education+occupation). Were you thinking of examining this in an international context? You citation is international and your rationale sounds like you were aiming macro – that’s totally fine, but you might need to think through methodology a little more. And you are right class is the strongest predictor of health status in the USA (close second – race)


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The socioeconomic status is also abbreviated as SES and is concerned with various factors of life that give people different placing in the environment. People around the world can be divided into at least three primary social classes and status to define their financial security, income levels, educational attainment……………………………..


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