Socialization and bullying in middle and late childhood

Socialization and bullying in middle and late childhood


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To prepare for this assignment, on socialization and bullying in middle and late childhood watch the clips below from the documentary film Bully(2011). Instructions For this assignment, you will design an education and intervention program to reduce bullying in middle and late childhood. You will present your program in a tri-fold brochure (or pamphlet) that you will submit to complete the assignment. To create the tri-fold brochure: 1. Open Microsoft Word and scroll down the list of templates and find a tri-fold brochure template – there are a number to choose from. [All FSW students have access to Office 365 which includes the Microsoft Word. If you use other software, be certain that you submit your assignment in a common format, such as PDF. Please check with me in advance if you are using an alternate format.] 2. Select your own color scheme and photos. [Free images are available from sites such as Pixabay, Unsplash.] 3. Take a look at this sample brochure. It will give you ideas about how to structure your own brochure. 4. Think carefully about how to best communicate your evidence-based message. Be sure you are clear about what should be done, and WHY you think it will work. [You will need to provide references to support the elements of your proposal.] How will you engage peers, families, schools and the community? What key physical, cognitive and socio emotional developmental issues of this age group must be addressed? How will you construct interventions that reflect the information we know about peer status, peer group influence, context and social cognition? How will your program measure that the incidents of bullying and negative outcomes on the victim are decreasing? 5. Your proposal MUST incorporate at least TWO reliable outside sources (in addition to the textbook), and they must be correctly referenced in your brochure using APA format. Use APA format to cite your sources on the back of the pamphlet. Here are the 2 video clips:

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