Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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According to the business dictionary, Corporate Social Responsibility is when a company has a sense of responsibility towards the community and its environment where it operates from both a social and economic aspect. A corporation would be involved as a way of showing that they are accountable and are ethically conscious of the social, economic and environmental effects.

In today’s work environment, there are many individuals that are concern about what a company stands for and their views on certain aspects of societal issues. When a company is socially responsible, it is a commitment utilized within their business practices that demonstrate what they represent. An example would be how a company economically represent an environmentally green company that they stand by and promote within as well and throughout the community.

Because corporate social responsibility may be on the rise of awareness, there is room for growth in what’s to come and to develop a transparent willingness to commit to the process. One thing for sure, what a company believes or not believe is either good for business or not. Becoming transparent will always close some doors and open others, therefore, balancing the playing field for those that stand with their defined social responsibility to come on board. As companies build on their social responsibility, they develop an understanding of issues and how to make choices based on those issues. The concept preps leadership to become better at leading and communicating within their organization more responsibly. Although, corporate responsibility is on the rise that doesn’t mean that organizations should make this the main issue or allow such issues to become problematic. Being committed is being aware and being aware is making decisions that are a step to solving social and economic problems and issues.

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Corporate social responsibility

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