Analysis of a Theme in a Short Story

Analysis of a Theme in a Short Story

Write an analysis of a theme in the short story: Amy Tan, “Two Kinds”

-Thesis should reflect three points (aspects of theme) that you are going to focus on in your paper. Another approach to thematic analysis is to illustrate three methods by which an author develops a theme.

– A works cited page (MLA format), in which you cite the short story.

You are to use only TWO sources for this paper the short story itself AND one peer-reviewed article from a scholarly database from the HCCS Library Databases (such as JSTOR, Academic Search Complete, or ProQuest). The article should be either a critique of the short story or a discussion of themes in the works of the writer of that short story.

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The story “Two Kinds” is a creation of Amy Tan who is Chinese immigrant into the United States. The author is thought to have translated some actual events that occurred in her life into a story when writing the book. Apart from immigration as well, as the challenges it accompanies, Tan seeks to address parental…………………………….


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