Shopping with her mother in Arnold’s Supermarket

Shopping with her mother in Arnold’s Supermarket

While shopping with her mother in Arnold’s Supermarket, 12 year old Janet was allowed to roam freely. Without her mother’s knowledge, Janet opened a jar of jelly and spilled the contents on the floor. Two hours later, a shopper named Bernadette who, while texting on her phone, slipped on the jelly, fell and broke her leg. Bernadette sued the Supermarket, Janet, and Janet’s mother. Discuss each case:

Bernadette v. Arnold’s

Bernadette v. Janet

Bernadette v. Mother

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Chances are that Arnold’s would be liable. Accordingly, the supermarket can be held negligent as it failed to stop the danger that it was in the knowledge of. The time allowance of two hours between the time Janet spill the jelly and the time Bernadette slipped over it is more likely that the fact finder would conclude that the……………………..


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