3-4 pages Politics of Gender and Sexuality

3-4 pages Politics of Gender and Sexuality

3-4 pages Politics of Gender and Sexuality

Your first paper asked you to reflect on Feminist theory. This paper asks you to reflect on our readings about masculinities and men, and the various ways that ‘men are made and not born’ to misquote de Beauvoir. Please cite at least FIVE of our readings in your answer, using Chicago-style in-text citations.

In 3-4 pages (min/max), please do one of the following:

-Describe the relationship between masculinities, ideas about manhood, and the oppression of women and Queerhumans.


-Describe the relationship between masculinities, ideas about manhood, and how power operates on a global scale.

All written work for this class must conform to the following guidelines:

 All written work must be typed, double-spaced with one inch margins, and in twelve point font. Use of Chicago style for all writing assignments is required unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

 All pages should be numbered in a consistent manner. If the numbering is in the center it should be that way throughout the paper.

 All sources must be legitimate. That means academic texts, established news organizations, international organizations, government publications, or similarly reliable sources. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, memes, talk radio and the like can be used if they are the subject of your paper


1- Connell, R.W., (1999). “Making Gendered People: Bodies, Identities Sexualities” from Revisioning Gender edited by Myra Marx Ferree, Judith Lorber, and Beth B. Hess. Rowman Altamira

2- Overview of the intellectual roots of Women’s Movements


3- de Beauvoir, Simone, (1949) “Introduction” from The Second Sex


4- MLK Jr. On Gender and Sexuality


5- “Sexism in the Civil Rights Movement”


6- Friedan, Betty, (1963). “Chapter 5: The Sexual Solipsism of Sigmund Freud” from The Feminine Mystique


7- Millett, Kate, (1969). “Chapter 2: Theory of Sexual Politics” from Sexual Politics


8- Benhabib, Seyla, (1998). “Feminism and Postmodernism: An Uneasy Alliance” from Feminist Contentions. A Philosophical Exchange, by Seyla Benhabib, Judith Butler, Drucilla Cornell, and Nancy Fraser Routledge pp. 1-16.

https://www.marxists.org/subject/women/authors/benhabib- seyla/uneasy-alliance.htm

9- Fausto‐Sterling, Anne, (1993). The five sexes. The sciences33(2), pp.20-24.

10- Fausto‐Sterling, Anne, 2000. The five sexes, revisited. The sciences40(4), pp.18-23.

11- Kimmel, Michael S. (2004). “Masculinity as homophobia: Fear, shame, and silence in the construction of gender identity.” Race, class, and gender in the United States: An integrated study. pp. 81-93.

12- Pascoe, C. J. (2013). Notes on a sociology of bullying: Young men’s homophobia as gender socialization. QED: a Journal in GLBTQ World making, 87-104.

13- Nagel, Joane, (1998). “Masculinity and nationalism: Gender and sexuality in the making of nations.” Ethnic and racial studies21, no. 2: 242-269.

14- Connell, Raewyn. “100 million Kalashnikovs: Gendered power on a world scale.” Debate Feminista 51. pp. 3-17.

15- Gamergate


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3-4 pages Politics of Gender and Sexuality

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