Sexual Issues in MFT Discussion Post

Sexual Issues in MFT Discussion Post

Sexual Issues in MFT Discussion Post

Based on the week’s readings (see attached), comment on an aspect of the topic that was interesting or important to you. Be as reflective as possible in your remark, from both a scholarly and personal perspective. Include your own personal reactions in addition to an academically based (bio-, psycho- and/or social) perspective.

In addition to your comment on the reading, provide a reference and brief discussion of either:

A current news story related to sexuality (reproduction, gender, sexual orientation, sexual politics etc.)—because this topic is based on the week’s news, it does not have to be directly relevant to the class topic for the week …or…

A resource (website, article, book, film, video, etc.) that IS related to something in this week’s topic/readings, with brief discussion that is clinically useful/relevant.

Please respond to two peers:

1. Within chapter 18, Buehler spoke about alternative sexual practices also known as paraphilias. The chapter talked about the different types of kinks and alt sexual behaviors some people may engage in and one can come across as a clinician. It was interesting because I learned a lot of new information about alternative sex but it also made me think about how to treat people because it may not always be something the client is proud of. I was also a bit taken aback because I knew from the beginning of my time in graduate school that I would not be able to work with sex offenders. Buehler talked about the specific referrals we must have if you were to ever come across someone who is a sex offender if you are unable to be unbiassed during treatment. That gave me a lot to think about.

When reading chapter 19, Buehler stated “Perhaps keeping sexual secrets and being sexually dishonest is more at the heart of OCSB than lack of willpower, increased dopamine, or addiction to masturbation” which really stood out to me. As couples may have some sexual wants they feel uncomfortable to speak about with their partner, sexual secrets are kept and assumed they are an addiction. Although this can either be a touchy subject or seems normal to others, it is interesting the so many different scenarios that can arise from couples therapy.

2. In this week’s reading, Buehler explains alternative sexual practices and how important it is for therapists to be educated on these practices. Buehler explain how many individuals who engage in alternative sex are often afraid to express their sexual needs to other, even therapists, because they do not want to be judged. They are also afraid to express them to their partners, and when they are caught engaging in these behaviors, many partners do not know how to react or respond in a way that almost ends the relationship. Buehler also explains that many therapists are afraid to work with individuals who engage in alternative sex because they are afraid they may be sex offenders. To be honest, many of these practices seem odd to me because I have never been interested in engaging in them. However, I do not see any issue with them as long as they are being practiced in a consensual manner. When it comes to being nonconsensual, and becoming a sex offender, that is when I take issue with each practice. I have to admit that I personally cannot work with someone who is a sex offender, and so in cases like these I would have to refer out.

Requirements: 1-2 paragraphs discussion/2-5 sentences peer response

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