Service Operations and processes

Service Operations and processes

This Homework will center on Service Operations and the processes contained in this ITIL book.

1. Name the 5 processes that are included in Service Operations.

a. Give a short paragraph summary about each one.

b. State the value of each process to the business.

2. Services Operations is the book that contains the functions defined in ITIL. Name the four functions.

a. Give a short summary of each one.

b. Describe at least one attribute or responsibility of each of the functions.

3. Perform a scholarly literature review and find a case study that involves one or more of the processes in Service Operation. a. Summarize the case study.

b. Provide any conclusions from that case study.

Present the paper in APA Standard as follows: 1. Title page in APA format 2. Table of Contents (optional)

3. Abstract that summarizes what you are doing in this paper

4. Include in-text citations where appropriate. 5. Start a new page and insert your references.

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Service Operations and processes


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