Define self-efficacy and self-esteem

Define self-efficacy and self-esteem

Topic 4 DQ 1: Define self-efficacy and self-esteem. How are these concepts different? Which appears to be more important when raising children who will someday seek out careers of their own? Why is this the case? 300 words

Topic 4 DQ 2: Watch some form of media (television or film) list five different jobs you can observe males being employed in, make a similar list for females. Share your list with the class. Do these groupings have anything in common? Consider if the work is very similar or very diverse within the gender grouping. What themes do you observe? Also, state which list you finished first and if you had any trouble finishing the second list. 450 words


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Most commonly known as confidence, self-efficacy is the concept of optimistically believing in one’s self-based on the competence of an individual or their chances of completing a given task successfully and producing an outcome that is favorable to most or all parties involved(Di, et al, 2018)………………………


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