Security of Digital Government Services

Security of Digital Government Services

Security of Digital Government Services

 have the papers i need to paraphrase them.could you please help me do it ?

“You have been asked to participate in a panel discussion of security issues affecting digital government Websites. Each panel member has been asked to select a specific Website (from the list provided in Table 1) and then research (a) the information and services that it provides and (b) the security issues which could impact the delivery of digital government services. Your two to three page summary of your research will be provided to the panel audience in advance of the discussion.”

Hope you are doing well. i already have the paper i just want it to be plagiarism free. could you please paraphrase the paper and also the references should be in APA format. Really appreciate your help.

i am going to upload the requirement doc and the paper. 🙂 Thanks

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Some data is made to available to the public through government websites in order to ensure efficiency of operations and promote public involvement for transparency purposes. The federal agencies are required by the open data law to display their spending information through the USA .gov. This gives the people the opportunity to see how their money collected……………………………..
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