Provide a brief overview of the Action to Results to Evaluation to Outcomes to Needs Satisfaction process

Provide a brief overview of the Action to Results to Evaluation to Outcomes to Needs Satisfaction process

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Action to results
This is where you determine where to put the effort in to be able to get the best results that you can. If you are in sale and you are not getting any sales from cold calls then you are better off putting your effort into another method of sales that is getting you sales instead of doing something that is not working.

Evaluation to outcome
We use the evaluation to determine if where we are putting the effort is getting the outcome that we are wanting. Is there a problem with the training that we need to address or a lack of resources that is stopping us from getting the outcome we want? This is something we look at in the evaluation and adjust if we need to.

Outcome to need Satisfaction process 
After getting the outcome you will be able to see the effects of the efforts that you put in. did you meet all the goals that was set for you to meet and if you didn’t what can you do different to make sure that you meet the goals for the next time. Was there a machine that kept breaking down that they need to get fixed so that you can meet the goal?


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Provide a brief overview of the Action to Results to Evaluation to Outcomes to Needs Satisfaction process, including the definition and elements of each connection.

Action to Results:

Mary works as a lead teacher in the prekindergarten classroom. She has just been appointed an opportunity to be support for the director of Little Ladybug Learning Academy. The opportunity is one of her WIIFM achievements that she shared with her boss. She would like to work toward this goal which means more focus on the administrators role and less of the teacher role. In the upcoming weeks the director search for potential teacher candidates the qualify to take over the prekindergarten teacher role.

Results to Evaluation:

The director makes a plan to post an opening for a teacher position at the facility on a job search engine. The highly qualified candidates that possess required skills are chosen, interviewed, and hired. The hiring process is based on appearance, response to questions, and classroom engagement with children. Once the interview is assessed the next step would be to call references, look at past work history, and look over their resume again. When all information is processed and we know the candidate shares the same mission, we hire and train that chosen candidate for the prekindergarten lead teacher position.

Evaluation to Outcomes:

The director trains the new candidate with business videos about policies that are important and the steps to follow in the policies, the employee handbook, code of ethics, and more. The training is not just video but on the job training in the classroom. This process takes place the first week of hiring. In this period the new staff member is showcasing her understanding of the many concepts being introduced through conversation with administration. At the same time, Mary is given some time to schedule on the job training with the director to understand how to conduct tours with potential families in a professional style, learn information on entering new families in the business system, sending emails to business connects, placing a food order, shown where important information is located, practice using family builder, and so much more. At the end of the first training she is happy that her needs are being met. For the next sixty days the new teacher is observed everyday and asking for sound advice or given direction on certain styles of action in the classroom. At the end of that period the teacher expresses her positive attitude in conversation and feels apart of a team. She does not feel judged and understands it is okay to ask questions.

Needs to Satisfaction:

Mary is receiving an opportunity to take the lead as administrator. The director is scheduling her on the job training and observing through everyday experiences within the center, how while she can handle the pressure of the role. Her needs are being met and once appointed she will receive a higher increase in salary. Mary is a benefit to the company with her talents that are seen by all. She represents their mission and understand how to be professional. The new lead teacher is given a chance to showcase her talent and understanding of being a dedicated teacher. Her training helped make policies and procedures on the job more understandable. The training has also helped her gain a positive following with families and among fellow staff members. Her dedication has been seen by administration and higher up executives within the company. She is appreciated through verbal praise and given small tokens of appreciation from the administrators. The teacher is a great asset to the company. She shows dedication to her job and builds strong relationships with families. She makes an effort to sale her classroom very well with potential families on tours.

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Shonneise Oliver

Yesterday May 23 at 10:49pm

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How did individual results translate into group results?

Working at Children’s World was an amazing experience in my career path. During the experience the director would observe my hard working of positive engagement with children, creative expression all through the classroom, and great friendships with families. My dedication helped me be nominated by fellow peers and administration as Teacher of the Year. All the nominations granted me the Teacher of the Year award several times. When presented with the award I made sure to show appreciation to all the staff for their everyday had hard work and dedication in the classrooms. I felt in my heart that we all work hard in our own little way to keep positive rapport with families and more. More like not one person is better than the other. The director was appreciative and district manager thanked me for acknowledging my team.

After the big district meeting fellow staff members gave me thank you’s and shared their appreciation with hugs. All the staff members in my district left the Professional Development Day training feeling very happy and eager to bring some of the new skills or concepts into their classrooms.

The following week everyone greet each other with a smile and made higher levels of effort to communicate with the families that shared concerns. Their curriculum was placed on the family board in a timely manner, children were greet with a hug and conversation about their weekend, and many came up to me for advice about strengthening some of their skills in the classroom. I also would take the time to acknowledge their small step achievements with verbal praise or high five. Over time other teachers were nominated and presented with the same award.

In this situation the outcome was very positive. Many staff noticed their hard work was not being taken for granted and made bonus smart small steps to motivate each other throughout the learning center.

The staff were given a visual glance of an achievement award given by higher up administration in a beautiful displayed plaque with heart felt attached gifts. This approach motivated them to take a closer look at their work skills and plan to make them golden.

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As a store. we must obtain the goals our company sets for us month over month, we get feedback individually and as a team once a month during our monthly meetings. Although, my feedback individually was very positive, as a team we did not meet out goals.

How did individual results translate into group results? My individual performance meant I made too much effort to hit my goal alone rather than seeing how it might have effected my teammates. I didn’t make time to be a team player or to see if someone needed help since I was too focused on my individual goals.

Did the method for providing feedback have an impact on future productivity?

Yes, although I performed well by myself, as a store we didn’t look good in our district because it seems that some people were working harder than others. In sales, we all want to make money but I feel that when we are able to achieve the goal as a team we all become more productive. This feedback enabled us to work together and help each other more instead of thinking about ourselves, it created a positive relationship between us as a team.

Was the feedback comparable and uniting, or did it cause strife or animosity amongst the team? Explain your reasoning.

For some people it can be taken as a negative view because this is a sales job and their more worried about their paycheck individually than other people. Some people can play well with others, some rather do it alone, now that we have to reach goals as team to hit our accelerators, people are learning to work better together. I think when we make money based on our individual performance we don’t care about our peers so when we hear these feedback, we take it in a negative way.

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Provide a brief overview of the Action to Results to Evaluation to Outcomes to Needs Satisfaction process


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