Managerial Risk analysis and Decisions

Managerial Risk analysis and Decisions

Managerial Risk analysis and Decisions Discussions

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How does ERM adoption and implementation in the higher education environment differ from the for-profit environment? Why is culture important to consider when implementing ERM?


Sometimes risk workshops generate so many risks that it is not possible to assess all of them, while on other occasions only a small number of risks are identified and in-depth assessment is possible. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two scenarios?


How does efficient frontier analysis (EFA) differ from other forms of complex risk assessment techniques? What limitations might an analyst encounter through the use of EFA? How can efficient frontier analysis results be communicated and utilized with non-mathematical decision makers?


Why might it be in a firm’s best interest to centralize the management of some risks but not others? Describe why the organizational status quo might lead to resistance to ERM implementation. How can this potential resistance be overcome? How do you succeed in making sure that the risk committee really turns into an ERM champion, as opposed to continuing in a silo mentality?


Assume that the management team has hired you to advise them on their overall risk profile and has asked you to prepare a SWOT analysis for their review and as input to the upcoming strategic planning session. What would you put into your analysis? Additionally, how does your analysis affect the risk management strategies that Kilgore might choose to utilize?

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Managerial Risk analysis and Decisions


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