Social Media Retailing

Social Media Retailing

New technology introduced by third-party vendors provides an option for companies to integrate buy now options into social media retailing. Review the case study “Why Strategy is Key for Successful Social Media Sales (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” that describes social media decision models for retailers and the effect on brand consideration and actual purchases.

Choose a retailer that began operations within the last 15 years that has a strong online presence. Take a look at the various social media platforms the retailer is using (there should be at least four for this discussion). Explore the retailer’s use of social media at these sites.

Describe the customer segment you believe the company is trying to reach (e.g., demographics, lifestyle, behavior, aspirations, income level, education level).

Identify some techniques the company is using on their social media sites (e.g., humor, effective visuals, special offers, etc.).

Is the retailer using communication strategy only or the added function of immediate purchase?

Are the retailer’s techniques effective for the customer segment you have identified? How can it be improved if the techniques lack effectiveness?

How does the retailer’s strategy align to social media decision models described in the provided case study?

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Social Media Retailing
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