Respond to all of the following questions in a 5page Reflection Journal to Canvas under “Service Learning Experience” Describe your initial

Respond to all of the following questions in a 5page Reflection Journal to Canvas under “Service Learning Experience” Describe your initial


Respond to all of the following questions in a 5page Reflection Journal to Canvas under “Service Learning Experience” by the due date in the syllabus.

o Describe your initial expectations on researching your chosen service organization.

o What specific disciplinary skills (i.e. skills learned in your major) could you apply to your chosen service organization?

o Write about your thoughts and feelings on researching the service organization and how you might contribute your time in the future to support the goals of the service organization and/or allow you to make a difference in the community.

o Based on the knowledge gained in researching your chosen service organization and concepts taught in this class on developing a mission and vision, draft a new and improved mission and vision statement for the organization. You should include not only the new mission and vision but also an appropriate rationale for the mission and vision including elements of the organization as well as required elements needed in a well written mission and vision statement.

o Share the new mission and vision statement you created with at least two other people capable of giving you feedback on the soundness of your new mission and vision (fellow student, volunteer, or non-profit employee, etc.). After getting feedback from the first person, revise the mission and vision statements to accommodate the new ideas or suggestions. Do this again with the second person. Document the feedback received and how you revised the statements each time. In other words, you must complete two rounds of sharing and revising your mission and vision statement. Make sure you explain what advice you followed (and why) and what advice you felt didn’t warrant changes (and why).

o Based on your research of the organization and in drafting the vision and mission explain how you might recommend that the organization expand the diversity of those it serves while achieving its mission. Identify diverse constituencies that might benefit from the organization’s services or with whom it could collaborate to extend its mission.

o Based on your research, what ethical dilemmas do you think can arise in non-profit organizations?

o What is required to be a good ethical leader in a non-profit organization?

o Examine how this service learning research required different business skills and knowledge than the assignment related to the strategic management project.

Answer preview for respond to all of the following questions in a 5 page Reflection Journal to Canvas under “Service Learning Experience” Describe your initial


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