Religion studies:Jesus as the New Moses in Matthew

Religion studies:Jesus as the New Moses in Matthew

religion studies , new testament

TRS 260A              New Testament Gospels                                                                               Spring 2018


Topics:  You may choose your topic from one of the following areas:

Jesus as the New Moses in Matthew

How Matthew redacted Mark to bring out a certain point

How Mark portrays Jesus as a suffering Messiah

How and why Mark portrays the disciples as misunderstanding Jesus

(Create your own topic from one of the above)

The topics above are down broad.  Narrow down your topic and focus your paper on a main idea related to one of these topics that can be developed in a paper of three to four pages.    Your analysis requires a careful reading of the biblical text, along with good footnotes and Interpreters’ tools. The reference section of the library contains some useful Commentaries and Biblical Dictionaries.  Also consult the TRS Libguide available under Library resources in Canvas

Your paper should be thesis driven.  Since it will be a shorter paper, the thesis should be obvious upfront.  The first paragraph should present your main idea and suggest the way in which you will develop it. Each paragraph should further your thesis.  Be sure your ideas are supported through reference to the scriptures, biblical tools, and logical analysis.  Avoid long quotes unless necessary and cite scripture by book, chapter, and verse (Mark 2: 1-3). You may develop your own ideas, especially relating to any contemporary applications, but your paper should be based on careful examination of the texts.

There will be an opportunity for peer review, and you will receive credit for active participation in that project and other related assignments.

You do not need a cover sheet. Type name, class and date in left corner.  Center title.

The paper should be double – spaced, about four pages.

You must submit a hard copy and an electronic copy. Further instructions will follow on the electronic copy. Papers may be submitted to Turnitin. The hard copy should be presented on the date due.

Collate and staple pages.

Citations should follow MLA guidelines. Your paper should have a Works Cited page, even if you only use your bible and the text.

Questions about plagiarism will be resolved through the Academic Integrity Committee.  Plagiarism will result in failure on the paper and any penalty the committee imposes.

religion studies

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The gospel according to mark is unique in its way. This is because it portrays Jesus in a quite different manner, as the suffering Messiah. In this gospel, there are also instances when Jesus predicts his suffering and it came to pass. Compared to other gospels, for instance, the gospel according to Mathew which paints a picture of Jesus as the king who guides and teaches his followers………………….


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