You are the HR manager for an organization with 1,500 employees in three locations.

You are the HR manager for an organization with 1,500 employees in three locations.

You are the HR manager for an organization with 1,500 employees in three locations.

You are the HR manager for an organization with 1,500 employees in three locations. In recent months, several employees have retired. This has left openings in key areas of the organization. You posted the open positions prior to their departure but have received very few viable applicants.

Your CEO is concerned that the information is not reaching the ideal audience. You suggest using social media as a tool to reach a wider and more diverse pool of applicants.

For this SLP, research organizations that have successfully used social media as a recruiting tool. Using some of their marketing ideas, create a job posting for a social media venue of your choice. In two additional pages:

  1. Give examples of three employers who use social media as a recruiting tool.
  2. Identify the differences in creating a job posting for Monster or Career Builder versus social media.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of the issue.

Recommend 2 sources for additional information that you include at the end of your handout (do not use course background information as your additional information).

Cite sources of information actually utilized to prepare your handout. Sources used must be valid and reliable and may come from the course itself, from the library, and/or from the internet.

Proofread your work and make sure it is as professional-appearing as possible.

Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment:

  • Assignment driven criteria
  • Critical thinking
  • Scholarly writing/oral communication
  • Assignment Organization and Quality of References
  • Timeliness

Social Media and Communication

a.      Social media recruitment has become absolutely necessary for any successful recruitment strategy and not just a novelty anymore. The social media platforms that support job advertisements, communication with potential candidates, showcasing company culture, and employer brand comprise LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Nowadays, over 90% of companies are making use of social media networks to coordinate the hiring process (Gelinas et al. 4). Three employers who are doing great with social media as a recruitment tool include Zappos, General Mills, and The Home Depot.

Zappos deals in the sales of apparel and footwear online and is a subsidiary of The company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has career pages showing its culture and branding. The career pages of Zappos indicate various features, such as a sliding gallery of images showcasing employees having fun and culture of the company. The pages also provide adequate information on why applicants should choose it, job search capability, videos of employee testimonials, and links to social media pages of the company. Zappos has organized its Twitter and Facebook profiles well to attract potential millennial candidates. The content, videos, and images on the profiles tend to serve the interests of both millennial and non-millennial job seekers. More so, Zappos tend to solidify its employer branding and company culture through Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. General Mills also has a variety of active social media channels with the responsibility of your balanced breakfast. The company targets a much broader candidate pool comprising both younger and seasoned job seekers. The General Mills have career pages in both YouTube and LinkedIn and other dedicated career sites equipped with great information. The company has also managed to link directly to the Glassdoor profile, making it a great employer. More so, General Mills captures the attention of their candidates by featuring their employees talking about culture and the experience they gain from the company in their dedicated careers YouTube channels. Finally, The Home Depot Company also has Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Its social media platforms are equipped with interesting content and engaging calls to action for candidates. The career pages of Home Depot Company display a variety of happy employees and their stories. The company is also using a brilliant header image to attract variety of job seekers.

b.     Creating a job posting for career Builder and social media forms the highest percentage of a successful recruiting strategy, but has various differences. The first difference is that many of the employers are turning to social networks for recruitment rather than job boards such as career builders. There has been a decline in the traffic to the major job boards even though they cannot completely disappear. However, the career builder needs to improve its functionality to compete with the positive buzz social networks for job postings. Second, the career builder does have all the potential job seekers. In this case, there are great recruits that can only be found on social media, but not job boards. Thus, career builder tends to have a limited number of potential candidates as compared to social media (Nikolaou 179). Finally, most social media networks are free even though one can choose to pay for LinkedIn, but career builder costs money. Since every potential job candidates like free things, they would rather go for 530, 000 recruiters free access on social media than pay for limited access on career builder.

Works Cited

Gelinas, Luke, et al. “Using social media as a research recruitment tool: ethical issues and recommendations.” The American Journal of Bioethics 17.3 (2017): 3-14.

Nikolaou, Ioannis. “Social networking web sites in job search and employee recruitment.” International Journal of Selection and Assessment 22.2 (2014): 179-189.

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