What do you see the state of racism being in America

What do you see the state of racism being in America

Racism in America and The World

In a three to five-paragraph essay, please discuss your views on the following questions in regards to racism in America in particular, and the world in general. You may reference the videos shown in class, or any other materials you choose to include. This paper should have a reference list of Internet sites, peer-reviewed articles, and or videos used to formulate your discussion.

Question:Given what you know about systemic, institutionalized, and internalize racism, what is your opinion as to its existence in America and the world in general? Do you have suggestions as to how racism might be addressed, combatted or eradicated in America ? Projecting ten years into the future, what do you see the state of racism being in America?


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Racism is institutionalized, systematic and internalize in the United States in particular and the world in general. Racism exists because of prejudice and lack of cultural appreciation among different people of different races. Racism is built into each level of society and aspects like having a black president in the United States……………………….


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