What Is Race

What Is Race

Race Definition

What Is Race? (Textbook Introduction to Part Two). ( I will upload pages)

pages 49 and 50;

page 51 – first two paragraphs

Also read the Rachel Dolezal article: “White woman passing as black.” Link https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/feb/25/ra…

Select a textual passage from the textbook pages above and a passage from the Dolezal article that aligns with your concept of race and elaborate by answering the following: Eighteen years into the 21st century are we in a different environment than the one described in the textbook? Additionally does the Dolezal article inspire new thoughts about the concept of race? Try to answer these questions in one paragraph but definitely no more than two.

 racial discrimination

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The 21st century has a different meaning of race and racial discrimination according to the textbook regarding what is race. After eighteen years into the 21st century, the world is a different palace and people are living at different times than the ones before us in the past and previous years. …………………..


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