Fictional Character with a psychosocial problem

Fictional Character with a psychosocial problem

Fictional Character with a psychosocial problem

Choose a fictional character (e.g., from a book, movie, TV show) that presents with a psychosocial problem (e.g., depression, relationship problems, incarceration).

Note: Some film suggestions for fictional characters are: White Oleander; Girl, Interrupted; Little Miss Sunshine; or Antoine Fisher. But maybe another movie, book or TV show.

Determine a clinical, formal diagnosis for this character using the criteria of the DSM-5.

Then choose three words that best describe the diagnosis. These three words should distinguish this diagnosis from any other diagnosis.

Write 2 to 3 page paper presenting the following.

A brief description of the fictional character and story

A description of the presenting problem of the fictional character

Your full clinical diagnosis using the DSM-5; consider the criteria supporting your diagnosis, the severity and specifiers (if appropriate) and Z Codes.

Include the rationale behind choosing the three words to best describe the diagnosis. The three words you have chosen for your diagnosis should also fit this individual’s mental disorder.


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Little Miss Sunshine is a film that is centered on the determination of a family to ascertain that their daughter is able to make it in time so that she can participate in the beauty pageant that has been organized across the country. Their journey is supposed ro take them to California from New Mexico…………………..


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